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Since 1975


Since 1975 Burnham Brothers Roofing has been offering a premium roofing service in the Ottawa and surrounding area.  We specialize in complex issues that sometimes arise from problematic designs, alterations, or extreme weather circumstances- such as winter issues now becoming more common due to climate change.  We take pride in the fact that we realize that a roof done properly is a roof done wherein all the aspects of a roof’s performance have been taken into consideration- such as framing, ventilation, insulation, and vapour barrier.  We also specialize in skylight installation, and are certified Velux installers. 

At BBR, we feel a responsibility to be aware of ever changing circumstances due to environmental concerns and scientific progress.  That’s why we are proud to be the pioneers of offering Malarkey products in the Ottawa and surrounding area.  While most shingle manufacturers have remained virtually static in their products for decades, Malarkey has advanced from superior to vastly superior in their product line in respects to not only environmental concerns but, even more important to the consumer, product performance.  Check out what makes Malarkey’s Nexgen/3M smog reducing granules technology so much better: 

With over four decades of experience and research behind us, we are certain we are your best choice when it comes to an installation, repair, or a consultation.

since 1979