Burnham Brothers Roofing is committed to the environment.  Which is an ironic thing for a roofing company to claim.  Every day, several tons of asphalt that could be recycled to be reused as shingles or even to pave roads gets dumped at a municipal waste site right here in the Ottawa area.  Unfortunately, we are amongst the group of roofers who have no other option but to do so.  That’s why we are exited to hear that “the City is close to finalizing a pilot project to recycle asphalt shingles (an estimated 12% of the C&D waste stream)”.   Hopefully that happens sooner than later!
In the meantime.  we are pleased to at least offer an asphalt shingle that is made of recycled product.  IKO’s Cambridge 30 shingles “are the first in the asphalt roofing industry to receive independent verification of recycled content”.  http://www.iko.com/products/residential/residential.asp?region_id=17&TASK=Productsshapeimage_2_link_0
Better yet, there is  Enviroshake  which is made of environmentally friendly composite.http://www.enviroshake.com/shapeimage_3_link_0
And then, of course, there’s always cedar...
...like this handsplit cedar shake which not only looks beautiful but will also stand up to the elements for a long time to come.